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Come to the EBJC jam every month at The Old Stillage, Redfield, Bristol.

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East Bristol Jazz Club - home to a range of new and established artists with the aim of supporting and promoting jazz, blues, swing, latin and other music throughout Bristol and beyond - find out more here or come to our monthly jam.



Meet the organisers


Nick Langston (vocals and guitar)

Nick is currently promoting his new album 'Captivated' and had a busy 2011 including two appearances at Glastonbury. He also teaches singing at www.starsinging.co.uk


Jazz singer - Bristol - www.EBJC.co.uk


Simon Greening (saxophone)

Over the last year, Simon has taken over most of the organising from Nick and has worked hard to get EBJC so successful at The Greenbank and now at The Old Stillage.

Jazz saxophone - Bristol - www.EBJC.co.uk - East Bristol Jazz Club


Walter Dirks (trumpet)

When he's not capturing fantastic photographs around the world you will always find Walter at EBJC with a trumpet in one hand and a camera in the other.  Walt's facebook page

Jazz trumpet - Walter Dirks - Bristol - www.EBJC.co.uk - East Bristol Jazz Club


Will Grealish (vocals)

Will has been busy over the last two years, not least with his appearances at two international jazz festivals.  He can also often be spotted running the EBJC jam and be heard on BCFM.

Jazz vocals - Will Grealish - Bristol - www.EBJC.co.uk - East Bristol Jazz Club


John Lambert (keyboards)

As well as being a classical whizz and a member of 'Mood Indigo' with Will Grealish, he remains the main keyboard maestro for EBJC.


Jazz piano - Bristol - www.EBJC.co.uk - East Bristol Jazz Club



Contact:  EBJC@EBJC.co.uk

News and more

2013 News

Jam dates

Remember the Jam is the THIRD Thursday of every month starting at around 8.30pm - get updates at EBJC on Facebook.


Singing tuition

EBJC regular, Nick Langston is running singing lessons for a range of singers across Bristol and Bath - check out www.StarSinging.co.uk or bristol-singing.blogspot.co.uk for more information.


2012 News


EBJC has a new venue

The Old Stillage on Church Road in Redfield, Bristol.  Any of you who came to the February jam will know we had a brilliant night with loads of players and a great audience.  Sadly we are no longer at The Greenbank but many thanks and best wishes to Tony and Steve for the future.


New single and video

EBJC regular, Nick Langston, has a new single and video out which features some EBJC greats including John Lambert and Walter Dirks - check it out here - www.NickLangston.com 


2011 News


The music has been going great through 2011 and The Greenbank itself has seen some brilliant performances from the likes of James Morton and Andy Sheppard.


The Greenbank has also been host to Nick Langston and his band where Nick worked on a series of promotional videos for his album 'Captivated'.  The single 'Angel with the Devil's eyes' is out in June 2011 with a promo video supporting it.


You can buy the single and album at Spotify, iTunes, Amazon and other leading stores or direct from www.NickLangston.com

You can also see the new video here and it's well worth a look (it also features the camera-work of EBJC trumpeter and professional photographer Walter Dirks).


EBJC regular Mike Collins also has an excellent new album called 'Suite Gorgeous' which is available at Amazon, iTunes and other good retailers - go and buy it!


And CLjazz continue to offer great courses for jazz musicians throughout 2011 - more here - www.CLjazz.com


2010 News


December was the EBJC Christmas party with a packed house including Andy Hague and Kevin Figes.


November was the one year anniversary of EBJC moving to The Greenbank - and what a great year its been with surprise appearances from Andy Kinsman, Jim Blomfield, Andy Hague and many more. Many thanks to Tony and Steve at The Greenbank for all their support.


EBJC regular Nick Langston promotes his album at two gigs at Glastonbury's 40th.


EBJC favourites Andy Kinsman and Sav Pacini were spotted on horns with V festival headliners Kasabian.  Andy also recorded on Noel Gallagher's new album and is currently working with Girls Aloud star Nadine Coyle.


EBJC regulars Will Grealish, John Lambert and Jim Pimpernell take the music to Malaysia for an international jazz festival.


Introducing some of the EBJC rhythm kings:


Greg the drums

Jazz drums - Greg White - Bristol - www.EBJC.co.uk - East Bristol Jazz Club


Jon the bass

Jazz bass - Jon Short - Bristol - www.EBJC.co.uk - East Bristol Jazz Club


Dale the keyboards

Jazz piano - Dale Hambridge - Bristol - www.EBJC.co.uk - East Bristol Jazz Club


Valere the bass

Jazz bass - Valere Speranza - Bristol - www.EBJC.co.uk - East Bristol Jazz Club


Steve the mixer

www.EBJC.co.uk - East Bristol Jazz Club




About the East Bristol Jazz Club

For over ten years we have existed to build up both musicians and the wider community through the performance of high quality jazz-based music, accessible to everybody and bringing jazz to a new generation.

Audience - www.EBJC.co.uk - East Bristol Jazz Club

Home to the best and friendliest live jam sessions in Bristol, itís the kind of place you'll return to.  EBJC is expanding; attracting an audience from the whole region. It is dedicated to bringing new people to jazz and to building links between the diverse peoples of Bristol.

Good times - www.EBJC.co.uk - East Bristol Jazz Club

Some of the best-known instrumentalists and singers drop in and take part including vocalists Emma Hutchinson and Nick Langston, saxophonists Craig Crofton and James Morton, keyboard player Jim Blomfield, and also trumpeters Andy Hague and founding EBJC member, Dave Mowat.  Major acts, such as WOMAD hit Sotho Sounds and Dennis Rollins include us in their tours and other highlights have included visits by Gilad Atzmon, a showcase of work by EBJCís composers and Singersí Nights.

Nick Langston and Andy Kinsman - www.EBJC.co.uk - East Bristol Jazz Club

The lively jam session is central to EBJC - sparky, unpredictable and always entertaining. It happens monthly at The Old Stillage, Church Road, Redfield and you can get all the up-to-date information on our Facebook page here.

Fun times - www.EBJC.co.uk - East Bristol Jazz Club

It has been going over ten years and in the words of Venue magazine ėhas become something of a local institutionĒ. The attendance has been up to 200 for major concerts.

Dale Hambridge, Andy Kinsman, Andy Hague - Bristol - www.EBJC.co.uk - East Bristol Jazz Club

The jam session welcomes all musicians willing to have a go and there will be a mix of seasoned experts, developing talent and newcomers. If you are new and want to have a go, get there early and put your name on the list.

Bristol jazz jam - www.EBJC.co.uk - East Bristol Jazz Club

Welcome to EBJC!

The different faces of EBJC

East Bristol Jazz Club - www.EBJC.co.uk - Bristol jazz jam and more - Andy Hague.East Bristol Jazz Club - www.EBJC.co.uk - Bristol jazz jam and more - John Pratt.

East Bristol Jazz Club - www.EBJC.co.uk - Bristol jazz jam and more - Mike Collins.East Bristol Jazz Club - www.EBJC.co.uk - Bristol jazz jam and more - Dorian Sutton.

East Bristol Jazz Club - www.EBJC.co.uk - Bristol jazz jam and more - Jim Blomfield.

Photography courtesy of Walter Dirks - EBJC




Bands and singers available for hire for parties, events, weddings and functions in Bristol, Bath, Somerset, Wiltshire, Gloucestershire and the West.

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